Recolution UV-Colour Polish, 10 ml

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N.º artículo: 21061-001

Disponibles en una gran gama de colores.

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Clear, 10 ml
light rose
glitter pink
dark red
can't get past my reflection
my crystal dream
cover me in diamonds
Amor is my middle name
pack your Ibiza bikini
call me starlet deluxe
the best of everything
I love industrial glam
like a wrecking ball
white walls
shiny bricks and steel
shiny blue eyes
dark petrol
I'll do anything for red velvet
twinkle jeans
blackberry red
sparkling copper
FM soft rose
FM beige
bordeaux wine
red forever
red at night
stairy night
glitter gold
glitter silver
sparkling fuchsia
sparkling neon pink
black silver stars
raspberry metallic
black multicolour stars
chocolate brownie
crazy pink
pink passion
metallic nude
metallic rose
rouge damour
sparkling rose
wanna tango with me?
he said "baile conmigo!"
violet amethyst
sky high
free your mind
lilac blossom
New York glam
tokyo expression
natural white
extra white
light mauve
colour me up
fiery cumin
we're meant to be
sweet serenity
tender lace
silk seduction
onyx goddess
do you speak coral?
follow me into the deep
nice to meet you, Aquarius
gold honey princess
what a royal treat
dark cherry
chocolate fudge
knitting wool
home sweet home
brilliant dark orange
hot chilli
berry punch
pink pepper
blue oasis
glacier white
pearl shine
I love mint
Crazy blueberry
raspberry lollipop
nature poetry
pink butterfly
pebble stone
London beat
attractive nude
blue sapphire
rubin red
green smaragd
some like it hot
love will navigate us
magnetic field
secret sensation
california dreaming
summernight violet
forever in love
orange red
sharp as a bullet
pinkie winkie
bloody mary
strawberry red
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